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Can you tell me everything about shipping times for my region?

We want to share the gift of having more spontaneous and fun holidays and weekends!

Your order is shipped from our distribution center in the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia .
Shipping times vary slightly depending on your location, please find below the shipping times for orders sent with regular shipping:

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: 1-2 business days

Rest of the cities in Saudi Arabia :  2-3 business days

Rest of the world : 15 - 25 business days

What happens after I place my order?

You will receive an order confirmation email after your order is confirmed, please check this to make sure your address is correct, if your address is incorrect please email info@floatiesinjeddah.com immediately and we will do our best to update your details.

We aim to dispatch all orders  in the same day if the order was placed early or by the very next business day.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email once your order is shipped, colorful holiday experience is on the way!


Where do I find out more info on a product?

The best place to find out every bit of info on our products is on their individual product pages.

Floaties in Jeddah  FAQ’s

Can I find Floaties in Jeddah in any stores?

At this stage Floaties in Jeddah is available at www.floatiesinjeddah.com and www. Souq.com or through the direct messages in our Instagram.

Returns & Refunds

Does Floaties in Jeddah accept returns?

We can not accept any returns, although if you feel that the product you have received is not satisfactory or you feel is not as advertised, then shoot us an email at info@floatiesinjeddah.com and we will work with you to resolve the situation.


Terms & Conditions

Can I cancel my order or change my address?

You are welcome to email us and request a cancellation/change to your order, and if possible we will assist you. Please take care to double check your details before you complete your order.

Can I place my order in any language?

we accept orders in English and Arabic.