Should we leave our Floaties outside in the hot whether?

At Floaties in Jeddah we’re often asked whether it’s okay to leave your floatie outside after it was inflated. It’s certainly the easiest way to make sure your float is ready to  be used at any time. But there are some problems with leaving the floatie outside for many days during very hot Summer day.


We recommend deflate the float after a few days of being outside under the Sun. After 4-7 days, we recommend having the Floatie in an inside temperature until you want to use it again. You can place the float in any empty box or in a Cabinet with making sure there are no sharp objects near by.


By sticking to this method, you’ll be able to enjoy your floats for years to come. For this reason, we have provided a small Air Pump that you can use every time you want to inflate your float.

Here’s to enjoying our Floaties for a long, long time. 


P.S. As for how much time it takes to inflate the Floatie, it really depends on how big or Small your floatie is. Overall, it does not take more than a few minutes to inflates any of our Floaties.